Holistic approach to fertility and preconception care


Despite greater wealth and easier access to healthy pursuits - fertility problems, uncomfortable pregnancy, recurrent miscarriages, modern childhood diseases and disorders are on the rise.

The need for convenience, fast-paced lives and changes in life priorities have paradoxically resulted in greater stress, inadequate nutrition and as a result, imbalanced physiology. More and more cases of infertility and recurrent miscarriages are unexplained, leaving couples in desperation. One thing is certain: more than ever is the period of preparation for pregnancy key to produce healthy children who will grow into healthy adults, generation after generation. In other words, the state of both parents’ health at the time of conception will affect the health of the offspring, from birth to adulthood. And the state of mother’s health will also affect the course of pregnancy, birth and post-natal wellbeing.

Nature always knows best and simply will or won’t allow the body to carry a baby if the environment is or isn’t favourable. And this is where nutritional therapy, naturopathy and functional medicine can be help: they naturally change the environment according to individual circumstances, to create the right conditions to conceive. Therefore, when conventional medicine isn’t able to find the cause, it is worth availing of complementary healthcare in order to uncover hidden imbalances.

From the naturopathic and functional medicine perspective, there are numerous factors that influence reproductive capacity that go beyond the reproductive system itself. Throughout my clinical practice I have learned that when addressing other body systems or processes that are evidently weak, conception happens without extra effort. In the clinic, I look at the following aspects:

- presence of other chronic health conditions which have to be managed

- digestion

- microbiota diversity

- diet and nutrient deficiencies

- stress and adrenal function

- glucose metabolism

- lifestyle

- immune function

- hormonal imbalances

- exposure to environmental toxins

- inflammatory factors

- balance between detoxing and ‘building’, especially now that veganism is a growing trend

- past trauma, ideas about sex, sex quality, quality of relationships

But the most important aspect of therapy is giving the right tools and control back to the person so that with appropriate guidance, they can help themselves at home.

If you would like learn lots of practical tips, OsteoPalma and GLOW invite you to a 3-part nutrition and functional medicine series that will bring you from preconception through pregnancy, birth, to childcare and beyond.

Fertility booster' – holistic approach to family planning, 2nd of June 10:30-12:30

The bump' – a journey through pregnancy care, 16th of June 10:30-12:30

Happy mum, healthy baby' – postnatal care of baby and self, 30th of June 10:30-12:30

Address: OsteoPalma, Gilbert de Centelles 19, 3°, Palma de Mallorca

€40 for one or €100 if you sing up for all three. Tickets available from OsteoPalma. Confirm attendence here.