Maya Flynn

dip. NT, cert. GAPS



Welcome to GLOW!

My name is Maya Flynn and I'm a functional nutritional therapist, specialising in therapeitic diets and lifestyle medicine. Food and all things natural have transformed my health and I'm here to help you transform yours. My special area of interest is the microbiome and its effects on physiology, even behaviour.

I help people uncover what might be driving their health conditions and address the root cause by creating practical health plans, based on their individual makeup and circumstances. I'm more than happy to work alongside your primary healthcare provider for you to achieve the best results.


My background

I'm a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, certified Gut and Psychology / Physiology Syndrome (GAPS) practitioner, and I'm currently undergoing training in Functional Medicine. Over the years I've participated in numerous seminars, courses and conferences around Europe, and I continue to deepen my knowledge in the area of health sciences and natural therapies.

I believe that...

You can't fool nature, achieving good health is a road - not a destination, and even the healthiest of foods can cause disease in some people. This is why my only rule in nutrition is that there are no rules.

I believe that nutrition is the most essential and powerful therapeutic tool for one crucial reason - we can only survive if we eat. Only with food can we provide the raw materials necessary to produce cells, hormones, neurotransmitters, antibodies, etc. Consequently, foods choices and (in)ability to utilise nutrients determines the quality of health. A 'perfect diet' doesn't exist. Individual nutritional needs originate in the microbial ecosystem that is unique to everyone, which is why this is my area of expertise.

I think that chronic diseases start in the gut and in the mind so I address these in parallel. I value traditional solutions used for centuries in the form of classical naturopathy, Ayurvedic, Chinese medicine and natural movement, which I combine with modern functional medicine methodologies and diagnostics.

My passions

Helping people get better, health sciences and good food fuel my life. I'm fascinated by understanding disease processes and finding root causes of illness in order to put the puzzle together. 

I love dining and having friends over for cosy dinners. I relax in nature, especially by the water, and in the kitchen. I enjoy good coffee and Spanish wines. Apart from that, I like traveling and snowboarding.

Why I established GLOW

Apparently when you learn, you should also teach. GLOW is my interface for passing on what I learn, which could make a difference in your life.

I also have a business background where Change Management is key. This, together with my interest in health, has created a solid basis to help people invite change into their lives. Having worked in corporations for years, I have learned how little time people have to get their heads around implementing new habits. There is also plenty of misconception about what's healthy for whom, which can be confusing and frustrating. Everyone deserves good health and I want to help people achieve it.

The road I've been on has become my greatest passion and it will continue evolving because there is so much to learn yet. Enjoy your own road and I hope GLOW will serve you well on the way.