Standard GLOW package:

  • Two 60-minute consultations

  • Personalised health plan

  • Access to laboratory tests and test interpretation

  • Recipes

The process:

1. To book the appointment, email

2. If possible, get the recommended blood tests done. Provide copies of the results up to 2 days prior to the consultation. If it’s not possible to get blood tests done, we can work without them.

3. Fill out the health questionnaire up to 2 days prior to the consultation.

4. Attend online (Facebook Messenger / Facetime / Skype / WhatsApp)

5. Within 3 working days you will receive your personalised health plan which includes:

  • my observations

  • therapeutic recommendations

  • priorities to focus on

  • list of foods to eat / not to eat

  • meal configuration ideas

  • lifestyle recommendations

  • supplementation

  • functional testing recommendations

  • should there be any specific findings, you will receive a doctor or test referral

6. Within six to twelve weeks of the initial consultation you’ll have your follow up consultation during which I discuss test results and the initial recommendations are customised based on your results.

What I do during consultations

At GLOW, I deal with various health concerns which can successfully be supported with functional nutritional therapy and lifestyle medicine. The cornerstone of my work is uncovering and addressing the underlying causes which can be both, emotional and physiological. I also cooperate with medical doctors and other healthcare practitioners where my complementary approach can enhance the treatment and set preventative foundations for the future. 

The purpose of the consultations is to get to know you, understand your priorities, symptoms and health history. Based on the information I have gathered, I formulate a plan for you which is amended as you progress.

Aspects I take into account:

  • Genetics

  • Environment

  • Functioning of body systems individually and collectively

  • Nutrient intake

  • Hydration

  • Digestion, absorption and assimilation

  • Nutrient deficiencies and imbalances

  • Detoxification

  • Elimination

  • Gut integrity

  • Microbiome diversity

  • Identification of possible stressors

  • Lifestyle

  • Mental state & emotions

Functional testing

Advanced laboratory testing is available after your initial consultation. Click here to view example tests available through GLOW.

Why online consultations work well

  • Service at your finger tips

  • You can take the consultation from any place that is convenient for you

  • Hassle free

  • Time saving


Standard GLOW package: €200

Extra 60-minute consultations for existing clients: €100, includes written recommendations and plan revision sent afterwards.

Consultation only / pick my brain session: €100, one hour during which you can ask me anything with no commitments or preparation. No notes are sent afterwards but you can of course take your own notes during the session. Suitable for those who are interested in my opinion and advice but don’t necessarily need a plan to follow. Also for chefs and restaurants.

* Fees reflect the time involved in analysis of data and formulation your health plan which can take a couple of hours

* The cost of any additional diagnostic test will be discussed during the consultation (if applicable)

* As a courtesy, please provide a 24h notice if you wish to cancel. You will be billed for missed appointments

* All consultations are strictly confidential

Gift card

Electronic gift card will be issued upon payment. Personalised message can be included.