Online and face to face



  1. To book an appointment, email and attach the following:
  1. Upon the receipt of your booking, you will receive a PayPal invoice - the service is paid in advance
  2. Attend online (via Facebook Messenger / Facetime / Skype / WhatsApp), face to face in Club De Mar Medical Centre or arrange a home visit
  3. Within 3 working days you will receive by email a personalised health plan which will be reviewed and amended as we move along


1. Measurements - take your weight in kg, height in cm, waist in cm and hip measurements in cm. This information should be entered into the health questionnaire.

2. Health quiz - covers the following areas: family health history, your health history from birth, medical and supplemental regime, functioning of the body systems individually and collectively, energy & sleep patterns, presence of stressors, dietary habits and lifestyle. 

3. Food diary (5 days) - it is important that the diary covers 3 weekdays and a weekend. It will support the evaluation of your current nutrition and lifestyle habits in terms of meal times, physical activity and the type of foods that you eat. If you exercise, select one day when you're physically active.

4. Blood results - even though testing is not conclusive and I do not diagnose or replace your medical healthcare provider, blood work is a valuable tool for a true personalisation of a health plan. In some countries you will be able to request these from your GP, in others you will have to use a private lab. The markers have been carefully selected in order to search for patterns as opposed to looking at them individually. Other tests may be recommended as we progress.

5. Any other recent medical test results, if available - the more I know about you the better. Attach copies of any other recent documentation that you may have.


In the clinic, I deal with various health conditions which can successfully be supported with therapeutic nutrition and natural therapy. The cornerstone of my work is uncovering and addressing the underlying causes of disease which can be both, emotional and physical. I also cooperate with medical doctors and other healthcare practitioners where my complementary approach can enhance the treatment and set preventative foundations for the future. 

The purpose of the consultations is to get to know you, understand your priorities, symptoms, health history, review blood and other relevant tests, to eventually agree on the strategy. Based on the information I have gathered, I formulate a plan for you which is then amended as we move along.

Aspects I take into account:

  • Genetics
  • Environment
  • Functioning of body systems individually and collectively
  • Nutrient intake
  • Hydration
  • Digestion, absorption and assimilation
  • Elimination
  • Detoxification
  • Microbiome diversity
  • Identification of possible stressors
  • Lifestyle
  • Physical activity
  • Mental state & emotions


  • Service at your finger tips
  • You can take the consultation from any place that is convenient for you
  • Relaxing and hassle free
  • Time saving


Initial consultation approx. 60-80 min: €80

Follow up consultation 40 min: €55

Prices include the work involved prior to and after the consultation:

1. Analysis of the health quiz

2. Functional analysis of blood parametres and other tests

3. Formulation of personalised plan