Food therapeutics for chefs and menu consulting


Do you cook for individuals with special dietary requirements or those who are health conscious and seek professional guidance how to tailor nutrition to individual needs? Do you need your menu analysed for nutritional optimum? Does your client require a full health assessment and personalised food recommendations?

Avail of creative ideas on how to increase nutrient density or substitute for healthier alternatives, and learn how to cater for customers with specific health conditions.

Suitable for chefs cooking at villas, yachts and family homes.

Organisations that would find this beneficial are work canteens, restaurants, hotels, nursing homes, crèches, schools, retreat facilities and outdoor pursuits centres.

This service includes:

  • site visit

  • review of resources

  • advanced health and nutrition assessment if required

  • full menu review, nutrition analysis

  • my recommendations

Please contact me for details and quotations.